For BSc and MSc students

Students interested in doing research in our laboratory are always welcome to approach the PI of the laboratory directly at: They can also approach Sergey Ryabchun ( to explore options.

We do have projects for BSc and MSc students.

For PhD students

Prospective PhD students should always approach the PI directly.

The PhD study is intended to carry out research for a period of 4 years leading to scientific articles in internationally refereed journals. Therefore the supervisor and the PhD student embark on a path in which they are both committed to a successful outcome.

Getting the doctor’s degree completes academic study and should be subjected to high quality standards. In principle a good PhD program is aimed for a public defense of the Thesis for a largely independent committee of experts. The PI has experience with PhD programs through the Leiden-Delft Casimir Researchschool. He also recommends reading the book by Patricia Gosling and Bart Noordam: masteringyourphd_1.

After the MSc or PhD?

The MSc- and PhD-training leads to experience in research and development, brings skills in international communication, both are in high demand in a society with entrepreneurs.

From MSPU emerged companies like Scanex ( and Scontel ( and former students found employment there.

Another example is that one of the former MSc students of the PI, Maurits Weeda, is now the CEO of MapperLithography at Technopolis in Moscow.

Some others are involved in instrumentation for THz instruments in space.